What is Bitconnect

Getting Started with Bitconnect

Steps to getting started with Bitconnect:


1) Click the green “Get Started” button above.

2) Once registered and you have verified your account via email.

3) Log into bitconnect.co (Be sure to always go to .co and not .com)

4) For your first time you will need to give security answers.  (Don’t use spaces.  Single word only.)

5) Click on Wallet menu option and go down to Send Bitcoin area and click on link to send email to verify your browser.

6) Once verified click on Wallet again and click on the green Deposit Bitcoin (BTC) button.

7) Copy the Address then go to your bitcoin wallet (If you don’t have one see Coinbase below) and paste that Address and send any amount of bitcoin you want over $100 USD. (It is recommended so send at least $120 to cover any fees or Bitcoin price)

8) After your bitcoin deposit has been confirmed.  On the Menu click BCC EXCHANGE.

9) Go down where it says BUY BCC and click ALL then Buy BITCONNECT COIN.


Once you have BCC coins you can now lend it out to start earning.


1) On the Menu click DASHBOARD

2) Click the blue Lend BitConnect button.

3) Type in the amount above $100 in Dollars you want to lend to the nearest $10.  Don’t include any . or cents.

4) Check the “I read the Terms of use” box and press the blue “Pay from Bitconnect wallet” button.

5) Confirm and that is it.


Each day you will see your Lending Wallet receive funds where you can either Transfer out to BCC then Exchange to Bitcoin or you can wait until you have at least $10 and click on the Reinvest button.


Once you sign up be sure to send an email to welcome@joinbitconnect.com. Please include the sponsor username: freebtc and your Bitconnect username so we can send you our welcome email with edit access to the Bitconnect spreadsheet.

Exchange USD for Bitcoin

For those in the USA, Coinbase.com is the best options to convert USD to bitcoin. Coinbase allows you to get started faster since you can buy bitcoin with a credit card.  If you’re setting up a new account you will be limited on the amount you can exchange with a credit card.


Credit Card transactions with Coinbase are instant but you can also transfer from a Bank Account and the transfer takes about 5 business days.


With the below link you get $10 from Coinbase for buying your first $100 worth of bitcoin when opening a new account.

Online US Bank Account

Once you setup your Coinbase account you can add your bank account to buy Bitcoin or sell Bitcoin. If you want to have a separate online bank account just for your crypto currency I found that a Capital One 360 Checking account is a great option.


Click on the button below then click Apply Now for the 360 Checking account.


Once you get it go into Coinbase and click on Settings, Link a New Account, Bank Account and select Capital One. Then put in your username and password and select your new account. Capital One will send you a Mastercard Debit Card and you can order free checks. You can also setup bill pay and link this to your other bank accounts if you wish.

VPN – (Virtual Private Network)

For more advanced users: Some people wish to have a little more privacy when it comes to the websites they visit or have access to.  Websites get your location from your IP address and these services will allow you to choose where it looks like you are accessing the website from.


As far as VPN’s go I found that PureVPN is a great choice for features and price.


Click on the GET PUREVPN button below to get started.  You can also pay with a number of crypto currencies.

Bitconnect Affiliate Program

With Bitconnect you can earn without sharing Bitconnect with anyone.  But if you do have others you can share Bitconnect with then you can earn extra.

Bitcoin FAQ

Bitcoin (BTC) is the main gateway to the other crypto currencies. Once you have bitcoin you can exchange it for any of the over 800 crypto currencies on the market in a number of exchanges.

Now there are other crypto currencies for example Litecoin (LTC) and Etherum (ETH) that have become popular and some exchanges are allowing you to exchange using them.

But just like in trading stocks there needs to be a buyer and seller in the marketplace. You will find that most active trading is still done in bitcoin.

No, you can buy a portion of a bitcoin up to 8 decimal places. For example a 1/2 of bitcoin is 0.50000000

You can buy and hold as little as .00000001 of a bitcoin which at $4,700 USD for a 1 bitcoin would be equal to $.000047 cents. One thing to remember is that a network transaction fee can be 0.00115831 BTC which is about $5.44 USD.

This really depends on where you are in the world and how much you are looking for.

If you want to get started instantly with under $150 in bitcoin using a credit card the #1 exchange for those in the USA is Coinbase.  Over time you will be allowed to increase your limits and you can also use a bank transfer though it will take 7 days for the transfer to be made.

Another good option in the USA using a bank account is Uphold.com

For other options see this.

A bitcoin address is like a unique email address which is generated at the time of first use.

For example when you want to send bitcoin somewhere like to Bitconnect you need to get your BTC Deposit Address that will look like this: 1NB1CL3euHoh9TRM2YntFsbZxbey646YyE

This is what you will copy and paste in the Send to field in coinbase for example.

Be sure you copy and paste the full and correct address for there is no way to cancel or refund a transaction if sent to a wrong address.


Bitconnect FAQ

Bitconnect created a token that is on a few exchanges and now worth over $2 billion dollars.

Then having to use this token to get into their successful bitcoin volatility software is simply ingenious.

When you are paid out you need to again exchange your earnings into these tokens. This creates supply and demand.

Plus there are staking rewards simply by holding the tokens to further limit the supply.

The Bitconnect token has even out performed bitcoin. From January 1st to December 31st 2017 the Bitconnect token has seen an increase of over 260,000% while bitcoin has seen an increase of over 1,300%

Just as the creator of bitcoin is unkown the owner of Bitconnect wishes to remain anonymous for privacy and security reasons.

Since the banking system controls many governments it is in their and our best interest to keep it that way.

Crypto currency is like the gold rush and the beginning of the internet boom and so there are a number of risks and also great rewards.

The smart thing is to never put in more than you can afford to lose.

Just a few of the risks are: 1) Token value volatility. 2) Something better comes along. 3) Company server hack or glitch. 4) Lost or stolen wallet password. 5) Your computer gets hacked. 6) Business closing.

These risks must be weighed with the great rewards. Bitconnect is giving people opportunities they could have never dreamed of before.

There are no sign up fees or on going expenses.

You can buy and hold any amount of Bitconnect tokens and there is no fee to hold them. In fact you can earn more simply by holding them. This is called "Staking".

This is not investment advise or any guarantee of earnings.  Bitcoin and crypto currencies are very high risk and total speculation. There are no guarantees of returns.  Please don’t put any money into crypto currencies you can’t afford to lose.